Welcome to Curve Studios.

A developer of fine independent video games for the PC, PlayStation, iOS and more.

Creative, Original Games

Did you know that everyone on the planet would secretly rather be playing or making a video game right now? Luckily enough for us, it’s actually our job to do those things, and we rock at it. Curve Studios has a long history of creating captivating and engaging games on a wide variety of formats and platforms. From the brilliantly devious Stealth Bastard (Also known as Stealth Inc), to the imaginative and colourful world of Fluidity: Spin Cycle. Whatever we make and however we make it, we hope our passion for play shines through.

Outstanding Conversions

Working with our publishing team over at Curve Digital, we help smaller teams with amazing games find new audiences. Whether it’s bringing an incredible PC title to the PlayStation 4, or taking one of the world’s highest rated Vita games and developing a new version for Steam, we’re experts in cross-platform development. We don’t just develop ports, but offer enhanced versions of games taking advantage of specific hardware features and working around hardware constraints to produce games that we can be proud of.

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