No More Mr. Mice Guy – Introducing Mousecraft

introducing mousecraft

We’re proud to announce the second title in our month of new game announcements! We’re bringing Crunching Koala’s Puzzler Mousecraft to the Vita this May.

Our second game in our month of announcements is… MouseCraft, a game being developed by awesome Polish developer, Crunching Koalas. What is MouseCraft? Well, if Lemmings and Tetris had a baby, MouseCraft would probably be really good friends with that baby – it’s a fast-paced puzzle game that mashes up some of the most familiar mechanics in the genre to create something completely new.

There’s some info about how Mousecraft plays on the Sony blog, but from a Curve-y perspective, we’re genuinely really into this game. It looks simple, and it is very easy to pick up and play which makes it perfect for the Vita, but it’s also one of those puzzle games that actually becomes incredibly challenging and addictive on the later levels of the game just like the classic puzzle games that have been its inspiration.

When’s it coming out?

MouseCraft will be coming to the Vita this May, but we also fully intend to release a PlayStation 4 version – we’re just working out some of the finer details right now and didn’t want to sit on this news any longer!

It’s also a new thing for Curve because we’re going to be releasing MouseCraft on the Vita on the exact same day as the PC version is finished – no waiting around for months to get a Vita version! That brings up some different challenges for us as it means developing the game in tandem with the lovely people over at Crunching Koalas, but hopefully it’s something we’ll be able to do more and more in the future as the ownership of the Vita grows and more and more people pick it up to play these sort of smart, fun indie titles.

Here’s an excellent teaser trailer for the game:

We’re also answering questions in comments over on the Sony Blog. If you’ve got a PC and want to check out MouseCraft, the game is currently available on Steam via ‘Early Access’.

We’ve got two more announcements coming up in the next two weeks – keep an eye on our blog and the Sony blog next Wednesday for the next announcement, with is two games in one!

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