Stealth Inc 2 Coming to Wii-U in 2014!

That’s right – we’ve been working on this one for a little while now, but now we can finally announce our own original title, Stealth Inc, will be getting a HUGE sequel that’s due out later this year. We don’t have a lot of details to share yet, but we can tell you a few things:

  1. The game will be MUCH larger – we’re keeping all the action and pacing of the original test chambers, but we’re expanding the game with a ‘Metroidvania’ style overworld, allowing players to break out of the test chambers and exploring the mysterious testing facility for the first time!
  2. We’ll be including a full co-operative mode to the game which will use the Wii U Gamepad, and we’ll have much more information on how this will work in the coming months.
  3. The game will feature a full level editor and level sharing which will let you make levels just as detailed and complex as anything you can find in the game itself.

Over the next few months, we’ll have a ton more information out on the game so stay tuned to our Twitter Account for up-to-date information on Stealth Inc 2 and all our other many projects. In the meantime, you can check out some early concept art and a quick FAQ below!

Why the Wii U?

We explain this in various interviews today (CVG, Joystiq) but the short story is that we’ve never been a Sony exclusive developer, and have always loved working with Nintendo. Before Sony became a big name for indie developers, we had released two full games on both the Wii and 3DS – so we’re no strangers to making games with Nintendo. Nintendo as a company truly love and care about games, they’ve been wanting to see Stealth Inc come to the platform for many years, and we’ve finally now had an opportunity to work with them again!

Is Curve abandoning PlayStation?

We’ve already released 1 game on PlayStation 4 this year, and have 3 new PlayStation releases coming out before the end of July. Only yesterday we announced MouseCraft would be coming to PS4 as a Cross-Buy title, and we hope to be releasing and announcing many more games during 2014 – we have no plans at all to stop making PlayStation games.

In the last 2 years, we’ve released games on Android, iOS, 3DS and Steam and yet we remain one of the largest publishers of Vita titles in the world and have no intention of giving up that claim any time soon!

How will the game be available?

Stealth Inc 2 will be available as a download only title through the Nintendo eShop.

Will the game come to other platforms?

Right now, we’re focused on making the best Wii U game we can make, including working on some great hardware specific features for the game and aren’t looking at other formats.

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