Titan Attacks! now releasing as a standalone game

We announced our ‘Titan Invasion’ pack in February, a combination of the games ‘Revenge of the Titans’ and ‘Titan Attacks!’ – Our plan was to bring out both games as a single pack around May this year on PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita.

Unfortunately porting across Revenge of the Titans from its original Java code to PlayStation consoles is simply taking a little longer than we had hoped, so we’re instead going to release them as separate games, with Titan Attacks! being released in early May as a standalone title for half the price we had planned for the original pack.

This way we’ve still got an excellent game to release right now while we look at how long Revenge of the Titans will take to finish and polish up, rather than delaying both titles without being able to provide a solid release date.

We released six games on time last year, of all them very well received by both the press and the gamers, and it’s important we do our developers justice by giving their games the attention they need to become excellent PlayStation titles.

Titan Attacks! will be playable at Rezzed next Friday alongside The Swapper and MouseCraft, our other released planned for spring/summer this year.

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