Win a PS Vita, a Copy of Stealth Inc and a Stealth Inc Shirt

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Wow, imagine winning all that amazing stuff. You’d probably be the coolest person ever, walking down the road, wearing your Stealth Inc shirt, playing your Stealth Inc game on your brand new Vita while that song from The Karate Kid plays in the background.

If you live in Europe, and you have a camera, that could be you. All we want is for you to take a picture of yourself, a friend or a loved one being stealthy. What does that mean? You decide. Hide behind a tree, put a lampshade on your head and stand in a room filled with lamps.

The only rules? You need to be in the photo (It’s not Stealth if you CHEAT) and it needs to be an original photo, although you can use Photoshop to ‘improve’ it anyway you like. You should be happy for us to post the picture here on the blog.

Take your photo and send it to us by the 23rd of July, and we’ll announce a lucky winner on the European release day – 24th July.

While this is only available to our European fans, promotions and fun times will be available in America soon. In the meantime, you’ll be able to pre-order Stealth Inc through the American PSN store from today!

Terms and Conditions are available here.